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Campus Contact Information

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll help provide answers.


Rachel Branch
Director of Admissions 
Office: 904.819.6220


Jud Damon
Director of Athletics
12 Granada Street
Office: 904.826.8560 | Fax: 904.810.2369


Office: 904.819.6332

Bursar- Student Accounts 

Office: 904.819.6230

Career Services/Internships

Tara Stevenson, MS
Director, Career Development Center
Office: 904.826.8508 | Text: 904.615.6617

Counseling Services

Amy Falvo
Ph.D., Director of Counseling Services
Office: 904.819.6305| Fax: 904.824.1183
Tinlin House, 65 Valencia Street  

Care Team 

Rachel Moran-Brown, PPA, MS, LMHC
Coordinator of Care Team
Office: 904.819.6308


Ryan McElhaney 
General Manager
Office: 904.819.6212 

First Aid/Health Services

Holly Doucette RN, MSN, ARNP
Office: 904.819.6211

First Year Experience

Jill Dawson
Director of First Year Experience
Pollard Hall 142
Office: 904-826-8615 


Michelle Holland 
Director of Residence Life 
Office: 904.819.6238

International Center

Lisa Fiala
Director, International Center
Office: 904.819.6351


Office: 904.819.6293 

Legacy Shoppe and Tours

Samantha Peacock Palmer, ‘04
Manager of Retail Operations and Historic Tours of Flagler College
Office: 904.823.3378| Fax: 904.829.6838

Library Services

Brian Nesselrode
Director of Library Services
Telephone: 904.819.6206 


Miriam C. Roberson 
College Registrar
Office: 904.819.6372 | Fax:904.826.0094
Office of the Registrar


Creig W. Doyle
FBINA 141st Session
Director of Safety & Security
Office: 904.819.6200

Student Activities

Kristina M. Lombardo, MA
Director of Student Activities
Telephone: 904.826.8583 

Student Success

Skeeter Key
Director of Student Success and Advising 
Office: 904.819.6445

Title IX

Jess F. Kobryn, MA
Title IX Coordinator
Proctor Library, Room 317
Office: 904.826.8553


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Campus Directory

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