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Graduation ceremony at the St. Augustine Ampitheatre.

Academic Calendar

Academic Year Calendar


Fall 2018 Calendar  (pdf)

Spring 2019 Calendar (pdf)

Summer 2019 Calendar(pdf)

August 2018

1Wed.Fall Semester Payment Deadline
25Sat.New Students Arrive- Move-In Day
25Sat.New Student Orientation Begins 
26Sun.Residence Halls Open for Returning Students 
28Tues.Convocation- Lewis Auditorium (4:00 p.m.)
28Tues.Registration for Part-Time Students in the Registrar's Office
29Wed.Fall Semester Classes Begin

September 2018


4Tues.Last Day to Add/Drop Courses without Grade
28Fri.Health Insurance Waiver or Enrollment Deadline

October 2018


8Mon.Fall Break (No Classes, Campus is Open)
12-26 Academic Advising for the Spring 2019 Semester 
13Sat.Campus Visit Day for Prospective Students and Families 
19-21 Family Weekend 2018
Oct. 29 - Nov. 4 Online Registration for Spring Term 2019 (visit for full schedule)
31Wed.Spring Semester 2019 Tuition Statements Viewable Online

November 2018


Oct. 29 - Nov. 4Mon.-Fri.Online Registration for Spring Term 2019 (visit for full schedule)
3Sat.50th Anniversary Campus Open House
9Thur.Last Day to Add/Drop a Course with a W
10Sat.Campus Visit Day for Prospective Students and Families       
15Thurs.Spring 2019 Online Payment Plan Enrollment Available
21 - 23 Thanksgiving Break (College is Closed, dining services is available for residential students)

December 2018

1Sat.Spring Semester 2019 Payment Deadline
3Mon.Fall Graduation Clearance (for graduating seniors)
7Fri.Reading Day (No Classes)
10 - 13 Finals Week (please check for schedule)
13Thurs.Fall Semester Classes End
14Fri.Final Grades for Graduating Seniors are Due in the Registrar's Office
14Fri.Residence Halls Close (11 a.m.) 
14Fri.Commencement Rehearsals 
15Sat.Commencement (Gymnasium)
15Sat.Public Administration Commencement (Auditorium)
19Wed.Final Grades are Due
Dec. 24 - Jan. 1 Holiday Break (Campus is Closed)

Spring Semester 2019

January 2019

2Tues.College Opens (Residence Halls are still closed)
11Fri.New Students Arrive
11Fri.Registration for Part-Time Students in the Registrar's Office
11 - 13 New Student Orientation
12 - 13 Residence Halls Open for Returning Students 
14Mon.Spring Semester Classes Begin
18Fri.Last Day to Add/Drop Courses without Grade
21Mon.Martin Luther King Day (Campus Closed)

February 2019


1 - 28 Scholarship Month for Currently Enrolled Students 



2Sat.Campus Visitation Day for Prospective Students and Families 
Mar. 15 - Apr. 12 Academic Advising for the Fall 2019 Semester 
18 - 22 Spring Break 2019 (No Classes, Campus is Open)
Mar. 25 - Apr. 19 Online Registration for Summer Term 2019 
27Wed.Housing Day (Pick-Up Your Housing Application for Returning Students)
28Thurs.Last Day to Drop a Course with a W
29Fri.Signed Housing Contracts are Due (Office of Student Services)

April 2019


5Fri.Housing Deposits are Due for Signed Housing Contracts (Office of Student Accounts)
15 - 19 Online Registration for Fall 2019 (Go to for full schedule)
17Wed.Honors Day 
19Fri.Admitted Students Day 
26Fri.Reading Day (No Classes, Campus is Open)             
April 29 - May 2 Finals Week (Go to for full schedule)

May 2019


2Thurs.Spring Semester Ends
3Fri.Final Grades for Graduating Seniors Due in Registrar’s Office
3Fri.Residence Halls Close (11:00 a.m.)
3Fri.Commencement Rehearsal (Graduating Seniors)
4Sat.Spring Commencement Ceremony (Amphitheatre)
4Sat.Public Administration Commencement (Auditorium)
8Wed. Spring Semester Grades Due 

Summer Term 2019

May 2019


10Fri.Summer Residence Hall Opens
13Mon.Summer Term Session A Classes Begin
15Wed. Last Day to Add/Drop Courses 
16-19 Alumni Weekend
27Fri.Memorial Day (College is Closed)

June 2019


13Thurs. Last Day to Drop a Course with a W
14Fri. Student Onboarding and Registration Day 
21Fri.Admissions Summer Visit Day
28Fri. Summer Term Session A Ends
28Fri. Summer Residence Hall Closes 

July 2019


3Wed.Summer Term Session A Grades Due
4Thurs. Fourth of July (College is Closed)
8Mon. Summer Term Session B Classes Begin
11Thurs. Last Day to Add Courses for Summer Session B
12Fri.Student Onboarding and Registration Day

August 2019


1Thurs.Last Day to Drop a Course with a W
16Fri. Summer Term Session B Classes End
21Wed.Summer Term Session B Grades Due
Note: Dates on calendar are subject to change.

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