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Student wearing headset consults with professor on contents of script.


Learn to craft compelling, targeted multimedia messages with one of three degrees in communication. As a Communication student, you'll discover how people use messages to generate meaning. Then you'll learn the skills you need to convey that message to the right audience. In today’s constantly evolving media environment, a degree in communication is both a ticket to opportunity and a chance to promote the public good.

Tracey Eaton, former journalist and Communication department chair, in Afghanistan.

Just a Minute with Tracey Eaton, Communication Department Chair

Departments & Programs

Major Minor Graduate
Communication Programs
Communication and Media Has Minor
Film Studies Has Minor
Journalism and Media Production Has Major Has Minor
Media Studies Has Major Has Minor
Strategic Communication Has Major
Women’s Studies Has Minor

Meet our Faculty

Tracey Eaton

Tracey Eaton

Assistant Professor, Department Chair
Joanna Krajewski

Joanna Krajewski

Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication
A picture of James Pickett.

James Pickett

Associate Professor
Alum Heather Seidel sits in her home.


How one young alum is making it in New York City